Maintain - Maintain The Music Prods. By KON and Other

Project แรกของ Maintain อัลบั้มเต็มคุณภาพได้อยู่ที่นี่แล้ว Prod. By KON โดยได้ ศิลปินจาก Bangkok Invaders มาร่วมด้วย ได้แก่ P-Cess, Big Calo, Dandee

Artist : Maintain
Album : Maintain The Music

1.Introduction Download
2.I've Come To Far (Prod. Evade) Download
3.Leave Me Alone (Prod. KON) feat. Broadway The Lyricist Download
4.Foreverever (Prod. Str8 Fire Productions) Download
5.Cadillac Session (Prod. KON) feat. KON & Broadway The Lyricist Download
6.Call Me Moody (Prod. KON) Download
7.On A Mission (Prod. DJ3D) Download
8.Can't Leave You Alone feat. JaPoet Download
9.Dumb Out (Prod. Evade) feat. KON Download
10.PeanutButter JellyTime Download
11.Eternal Flame (Prod. KON) feat. Broadway, KON & Silent Knight Download
12.Tribute Download
13.Soul Food (Prod. KON) feat. GMartin Download
14.Lesson Plan Remix (Prod. KON) feat. Way & Big Calo Download
15.Party Song (Prod. Avenue Beatz) Download
16.Warning Download
17.This Is Me (Prod. Day Diz) feat. Dandee & Day Diz Download
18.The Rhyme (Prod. Avenue Beatz) Download
19.Outroduction Download